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DDMA Board of Directors

Robin Petty, LMSW

Robin is a long-time wheelchair user with a keen awareness of ADA accessibility standards. He's the owner of DDMA Advocacy, LLC, where he works as an Education and Disability Advocate assisting adults and children with physical, mental & learning disabilities. 

Robin co-founded Don't DismyAbilites, Inc. (DDMA for short) with the belief that it could be a viable tool for people with disabilities and their loved ones with vested interests in improving accessibility in their communities.

Will Parnell, PE
Vice President

Will is a civil engineer licensed in Texas and New Mexico and owner of Parnell Engineering, Inc., based in Austin, TX. He has almost two decades of engineering design and construction management experience, most notably in land development and large municipal projects.


After one of his close friends was paralyzed in an accident in 2005, Will became even more aware of the shortcomings in accessibility so commonly found in the world around him. 


As a professional engineer, he's made it his mission to incorporate universal accessibility by working closely with owners and developers to responsibly design projects that are functional for everyone, pleasing to the eye, and sustainable for generations to come.

Tim Petty, M.Ed

Tim is a retired public educator who worked as teacher and an elementary principal for over twenty-five years.

He went on to work another fifteen years for the Texas Education Agency as a Program Specialist and Peer Editor where he led audits of school districts across Texas for federal mandated programs like Special Education and ESL Education, along with reviews of school facilities for ADA accessibility.

Tim retired from the TEA in 2014 and when he's not gardening or being a grandfather, he volunteers with Habitat for Humanities and as a crisis counselor through his local church.

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